About Us

Aloha and welcome to In Her Element- a Hawaii-based women’s outdoor lifestyle and adventure blog. Here’s a little bit about us…


Jaimie is fire fighter with the Honolulu Fire Department, as well as a part-time Medevac EMT. Jaimie is a water woman, athlete, and adventurer. She embodies athleticism, strength, and beauty in many ways, but she shines brightest in an outrigger canoe.

She has been a competitive outrigger canoe paddler for many years, and is currently sponsored by Kialoa, Honey Girl Waterwear, and XCEL. Jaimie wrote a paddling blog for Oahu’s newspaper from 2008-2009 and has coached high school outrigger canoe paddling as well. Jaimie is always down to take on a challenge, loves to travel, and is happiest in the ocean or on a mountain. She also volunteers with the Make A Wish Foundation and the Special Olympics, fundraises for the local children’s cancer center and started grass-roots organization Race To Heal in 2008. Jaimie is an inspiration to us, and we are so stoked to have her as part of the In Her Element team.

Some of Jaimie’s competitive successes include:

  • Na Wahine O Ke Kai Moloka’i to O’ahu race: 2nd place 2005, 2006, 2008; 3rd place 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014; 4th place 2007
  • PA’A Moloka’i to Oahu one-man canoe race: 3rd place 2009
  • Pailolo Channel OC-6 race: 1st place 2011
  • Kaua’i Coastal relay: 1st place with partner Alfred Van Gieson 2009
  • Waikiki Paddle Festival OC-6 races: 1st place; Several State Championship regatta races
  • Cupid’s Revenge Crossfit Competition: 4th place 2013
  • Volleyball State Champion, All-State Team, All-CIF Team, All-Del Rey League Team 1997


Taylor grew up in Thousand Oaks, California, 12 miles from the Malibu coastline. At the age of 5 her dad taught her to surf in Santa Barbara while sailing to the Channel Islands.

Her fondest childhood memories were spent sailing with her sister and dad to the islands where they would sail, kayak, snorkel, swim, and hike for the weekend. On these trips the ocean captured Tay’s heart, and her curiosity for adventure was ignited. As she got older the sailing trips became fewer so she began to surf more. When Taylor was 12 she was introduced to her surf mentor Carla Rowland who introduced her to first point Malibu and taught her everything she knows about traditional longboarding and competing.

Taylor started competitively surfing when she was 13 and got hooked. Until she went away for college in Hawaii, she was competing every weekend, traveling up and down the California coast and traveling abroad to Australia.

Currently she lives on the North Shore of Hawaii where she is working on finishing a college business degree in management. In her words, “My move to Haleiwa has been such an eye opening experience and has really put my heart into perspective. I am excited for what the future has in store for me in the upcoming months, and to see where the Lord takes me after I graduate university. My dream is to travel and surf the world!” She’s extremely dedicated to her sport and has truly mastered the art form of classic long boarding.

She is currently sponsored by Bing Surfboards, Jonesea wetsuits, Ola’s Mexican Grill, Indosole, Mer Bag, and Knotty hair accessories. Tay’s always down for almost any adventure. She also played soccer in school, and is a powerful little athlete. She is small, but mighty, and super disciplined. She is up early every day catching glassy surf before the wind comes up. She enjoys hiking, swimming, running, yoga, and a good workout.


Britt grew up in Southern California, in a rural area outside of Los Angeles. She moved to Hawaii when she was eighteen to go to UH and live near family.

She grew up riding horses, and competed for about ten years. She played basketball until she graduated high school. She took her first surf lesson when she was twelve while visiting family on Maui. She got her first surf board when she was seventeen and after moving to Hawaii, started surfing almost every day. She fell in love with the sport.

She met her husband, Dustin shortly after moving to Hawaii, and he began pushing her into bigger and more challenging North Shore surf. They have lived in Haleiwa for most of the last eight years. Britt loves surfing with her husband and their friends, and is constantly looking to push her limits into bigger and more challenging surf.

She is currently a brand ambassador for Carve Designs, a Northern California based women’s surf company. She loves to travel, hike, adventure, and work out! This past year Britt has added consistent circuit training, some weight lifting, and trail running to her routine.

She is an ER nurse by night, which allows her time for the sports and hobbies she loves, and is also really involved in her local church on North Shore.

“I believe being fit isn’t everything, but there are so many amazing lessons we gain by disciplining ourselves to workout and putting forth 100% effort into the sports we have chosen. Just like I may not feel like working out and some days its not easy, life is not easy, and doing the right thing is not easy. Hopefully by practicing discipline in fitness, we learn discipline and consistency in other areas of life. Plus, it’s just fun to push yourself and see how strong you can get! There are so many benefits of having an active lifestyle.”