Welcome to our “Workouts”. We are so stoked that you want to get active and push yourself. Please be careful and use your discernment to decide which workouts and moves you should and should not do. We are not professional trainers, we just want to share some of the workouts we like to do, give you some basic ideas of where to start, and encourage you to create your own workouts. Some of these workouts are very difficult, and some much easier; modify whatever you need to. Many of the moves should not be done for the first few times without experienced supervision. Please use whatever amount of weight is appropriate for you, if any. Please make sure you are familiar with proper technique. There are a lot of great professional fitness sites out there to help you, such as this website and this website:)

In Her Element

Viewing: Advanced: Equipment/Experience Required

Green Monster

By on October 26, 2016

Found this workout penned on a piece of cardboard box in the fire station. I changed the weights a bit but please do what you’re comfortable with. Give it a whirl and have FUN! 1 round for time, but stop ...More


By on October 15, 2016

Our crew recently started doing the “300” workout together at the station and I love it. It’s a great full body workout that apparently the cast of the movie “300” used to get those famous chiseled abs. Use whatever weight ...More